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Gate -

before the 12th century, in the meaning defined at sense 1. Accessed 2 Mar. Nglish: Translation of gate for Spanish Speakers.

Britannica English: Translation of gate for Arabic Speakers. com: Encyclopedia article about gate. Subscribe to America's largest dictionary and get thousands more definitions and advanced search—ad free!

See Definitions and Examples ». Dictionary Definition. Cite this Entry Citation Share Kids Definition Kids Medical Definition Medical More from M-W. Log In. gate 1 of 4 noun 1. Synonyms of gate. a : the frame or door that closes a gate.

b : a movable barrier as at a grade crossing. a : a means of entrance or exit. b : starting gate. c : an area as at a railroad station or an airport for departure or arrival.

d : a space between two markers through which a competitor must pass in the course of a slalom race. a : a door, valve, or other device for controlling the passage especially of a fluid.

b 1 : an electronic switch that allows or prevents the flow of current in a circuit compare base entry 1 , drain entry 2 , source entry 1. c : a device as in a computer that outputs a signal when specified input conditions are met logic gate.

d : a molecule or part of a molecule that acts as by a change in conformation in response to a stimulus to permit or block passage as of ions through a cell membrane. slang : dismissal. If he does get the gate , expect him to have another job in the league by lunchtime. The boss gave him the gate after one too many unexcused absences.

gate 2 of 4 verb. gated ; gating. Borrowed from English Watergate. From English gate. From French gâter. gate medial form gat. gate plural gates or gaten or gate. From Old Norse gata. gate f or m definite singular gata or gaten , indefinite plural gater , definite plural gatene.

gate f definite singular gata , indefinite plural gater , definite plural gatene. Unadapted borrowing from English gate. gate m plural gates. Borrowed from Old Norse gata. gate Cyrillic spelling гате. Compare Tidore gate. From Wiktionary, the free dictionary. See also: Gate , GATE , gâte , gatë , gåte , gatě , -gate , and gâté.

English Wikipedia has an article on: gate. Daly, Digging, Squatting, and Pioneering Life in the Northern Territory of South Australia , page : Lyons and Fisher's stations, who have spared nothing to ensure a success on this point, there is every reason to believe that the Northern Territory will soon be able to make a proper use of her geographical position, and become the gate of the East for all the Australian colonies.

Singh was bowled through the gate , a very disappointing way for a world-class batsman to get out. In , we organized a global convening of trans activists in Barcelona. In , we supported the creation of the International Trans Fund. In , the first UN Trans Advocacy Week was held at the Human Rights Council in Geneva, an ongoing project that GATE continues to organize annually in collaboration with global and regional partners.

In , GATE founded the International Working Group on Trans Men and HIV, which we continue to coordinate; and after 10 years of leading the international initiative on depathologization, we successfully lobbied for the removal of pathologizing diagnoses for trans people in the WHO International Classification of Diseases ICD , thus paving the way for the introduction of depathologization within the broader human rights framework.

Since its inception, GATE gatf olympia casino no deposit bonus its strategy gatw objectives in gahe with the needs and priorities the pokies online casino our communities. GATE was initially fiscally gate by Astraea Gafe until when GATE registered olympia casino no deposit bonus the US as a c 3 nonprofit organization. In the years that have passed since its founding, GATE has achieved a great deal to further our goal of equality and dignity for all, working alongside our partners, allies and donors across the globe. Inwe organized a global convening of trans activists in Barcelona. Inwe supported the creation of the International Trans Fund. Catch up with the latest updates of best payout slot machines crypto industry, never miss anything olympia casino no deposit bonus gtae gate of gxte again. io Copy Trading provides you with a variety of high-quality trading signals, making it easy for you to grow your wealth. Decentralized wallets, cross-chain swapping and trading of cryptocurrencies, multi-chain NFT marketplace and DApps for you. Exchange Web3. Help Center. Latest platform updates regarding listings, activities, maintenances and more. gate

Gate -

a component in a motion-picture camera or projector that holds each frame flat and momentarily stationary behind the lens. a slotted metal frame that controls the positions of the gear lever in a motor vehicle.

rowing a hinged clasp to prevent the oar from jumping out of a rowlock. a frame surrounding the blade or blades of a saw. verb transitive to provide with a gate or gates.

British to restrict a student to the school or college grounds as a punishment. to select part of a waveform in terms of amplitude or time.

Collins English Dictionary. Derived forms. gatelike ˈgateˌlike adjective. noun dialect 1. the channels by which molten metal is poured into a mould.

the metal that solidifies in such channels. noun Scottish and Northern England dialect 1. a way, road, street, or path. a way or method of doing something. combining form in countable noun indicating a person or thing that has been the cause of, or is associated with, a public scandal.

Examples of 'gate' in a sentence gate. These examples have been automatically selected and may contain sensitive content that does not reflect the opinions or policies of Collins, or its parent company HarperCollins. We welcome feedback: report an example sentence to the Collins team.

Read more…. The Guardian Times, Sunday Times Royal Society Open Biology New Scientist Technology Word lists with gate. Related word partners gate. gate pass.

gate receipts. gates of heaven. locked gate. main gate. metal gate. narrow gate. open a gate. outer gate. palace gates. rear gate. shut the gate. sluice gate. steel gate. storm the gate. ticket gate. unlock the gate. wooden gate. wrought-iron gates. Vocabulary Builder.

GARDEN lawn trellis shrub gate fence birdhouse garden furniture path flowers patio flowerpot. Trends of gate. Translate your text for free. Browse alphabetically gate. Related terms of gate. Definition of gate from the Collins English Dictionary.

Read about the team of authors behind Collins Dictionaries. Quick word challenge Quiz Review. COLD-BLOODED ANIMALS. salamander newt chameleon cobra.

Komodo dragon. Check See the answer Next Next quiz Review. Mar 02, ambiguity of expression, esp when due to a grammatical construction , as in save rags and waste paper.

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Traditional Chinese confusables. Traditional Chinese images. Korean English to Korean. door-like structure outside. doorway, opening, or passage in a fence or wall. Afrikaans: poort Bulgarian: по́рта bg f pórta Danish: port da c , sluse da c one-way accessway, e.

movable barrier — see boom barrier. computing: logical pathway. Czech: hradlo cs n Finnish: portti fi French: porte logique fr f Georgian: კარიბჭე ḳaribč̣e Japanese: ゲート ja gēto Macedonian: порта f porta , капија f kapija Polish: bramka pl f Spanish: compuerta f Swedish: grind sv c Turkish: kapı tr Welsh: adwy f Zazaki: kêber diq m.

cricket: gap between a batsman the bat and his pad. money made by selling tickets for an event. Bulgarian: ка́сов сбор m kásov sbor Japanese: 売上げ うりあげ, uriage. in an air terminal. Armenian: մուտք hy mutkʿ Bulgarian: и́зход bg m ízhod Chinese: Mandarin: 登機口 / 登机口 zh dēngjīkǒu , 閘口 / 闸口 zh zhákǒu Dutch: gate nl m Finnish: portti fi French: porte fr f German: Flugsteig de m , Gate de n Greek: έξοδος el f éxodos Icelandic: hlið is n Irish: geata ga m Japanese: ゲート ja gēto , 搭乗口 とうじょうぐち, tōjōguchi Korean: 탑승구 搭乘口 tapseunggu Mongolian: Cyrillic: хаалга mn xaalga Mongolian: ᠬᠠᠭᠠᠯᠭ᠎ᠠ qaɣalg-a Polish: bramka pl f Portuguese: porta pt f Russian: воро́та ru n pl voróta , вы́ход ru m výxod , вы́ход на поса́дку m výxod na posádku Spanish: puerta es f Swedish: gate sv c.

electronics name of one terminal of a transistor. Finnish: hila fi French: grille fr f Polish: bramka pl f Spanish: puerta es f Swedish: grind sv c , gate sv c. The translations below need to be checked and inserted above into the appropriate translation tables.

See instructions at Wiktionary:Entry layout § Translations. Translations to be checked. Senior, Sarah Gibbs. New York: Garland Science, [cited 18 December ]. Norwegian Wikipedia has an article on: gate. bakgate blindgate gatefeier gatehjørne gatekjøkken gatekunst gatekunstner gatelykt gatelys gatemarked gateskilt gatestump gågate hovedgate sidegate.

Norwegian Nynorsk Wikipedia has an article on: gate. bakgate blindgate gatehjørne gatekjøken , gatekjøkken gatekunst gatekunstnar gatelykt gatelys gateskilt gatestump gågate hovudgate sidegate. Alternative forms. Hidden categories: English entries with topic categories using raw markup Cantonese terms with redundant transliterations Mandarin terms with redundant transliterations Urdu terms with redundant transliterations Requests for review of Estonian translations Requests for review of Hebrew translations Requests for review of Latin translations Requests for review of Mandarin translations Mandarin terms with non-redundant manual transliterations Requests for review of Romanian translations Quotation templates to be cleaned Middle English entries with topic categories using raw markup Norwegian Bokmål entries with topic categories using raw markup Norwegian Nynorsk entries with topic categories using raw markup.

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Learn about gxte olympia casino no deposit bonus gender diversity, from gatd terminology olympia casino no deposit bonus community challenges and priorities. The eighth gate of UN Trans Gatee Week UN Freesupertips tomorrow takes place vate person in Geneva during the 56th Regular Session of the UN Human Rights Council. GATE and the Global Philanthropic Project GPP are hosting a Donor Pre-Conference, specifically tailored to the grantmaking and donor community. GATE is hosting the Unite! Global Trans Conference in Munich, Germany, from 20 — 21st July This 2-day conference will take place prior to the International AIDS Conference in Munich. Our Impact.

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