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Zombie Commando 3D Review

Zombie Commando 3D is an app developed by YouzuStar. Zombie Commando 3D was first published on . The app is accessible on the following platforms: Steam.

"Zombie Rangers 3D" is a zombie-based team collaboration stand-alone real-time fighting game. Players need to set up their own heroic team, to the world to complete the task, against zombie invasion and investigate the root causes of the crisis.

Game features:

    ◆ rich level of content
   Continuation of the zombie ranger before the characteristics of the laser, saw wheel, mine, thorns, power grid, more than ten kinds of two-way trap, your players and zombies caused no difference damage, flexible use of traps can make you easily destroy the enemy.
   4 chapters, 48 ​​large checkpoints, a variety of mission models waiting for you to explore.
   10 strong BOSS challenge your operating limits.
   ◆ free battle with the fighting team
   Melee tanks, remote output, range of damage, deceleration control field, you will have 10 distinctive heroes.
   Limit operation, flexible control of the five team teams perform their duties.
   ◆ distinctive skills
   Electromagnetic bombs, heroic blows, rage fire, burst heavy punch, strong role skills to make you come back to victory.
   Repulsive, dizziness, deceleration, freezing, range of injuries, triggering weapon skills to play gorgeous damage.
   ◆ art and music
   3D screen, massive enemy, straightforward still.
   Maya relics, Siberia, secret laboratories, western wilderness and other seven large-scale scenes, amazing host-level screen.
   Shocking the beautiful game music, meticulous sound experience.

   Thank you for watching our game! Zombie Rangers story is not over, the future we will launch follow-up chapters and new mysterious heroes!

Zombie Commando 3D

4.2 / 5

Zombie Commando 3D Logo
Author: YouzuStar

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