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Falco Software


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Street Karate Review

Street Karate is an application developed by Falco Software. Street Karate was first published on . Street Karate is accessible on the following platforms: Steam.

Street Karate

Street Karate is a game that revives the old school 2D street fighting style.

It's a classic game where use your fists to clear the streets of bad guys. Kick ass and take names! Simple controls - Attack with just one click, but you can also strike while running and jumping, make new attack combos and even throw your rivals much further than you can trust them! Journey through a variety of levels: streets, parks, an industrial plant, the beach and fight the final battle on the bridge. Don't let street thugs go unpunished. Show them your karate!

WASD or Arrow - Move
Ctrl, Alt or J - Attack
Shift, Space or K - Jump


- Classic 2D street fighting style.
- Engaging soundtrack.
- Lots of fighting moves - combos, airstrikes, and throws.

Street Karate

4.2 / 5

Street Karate Logo
Author: Falco Software
Size: 25 MB available space

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