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Ordo Et Chao: New World review

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Kobold Workforce Studios

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Ordo Et Chao: New World Review

Ordo Et Chao: New World is an app developed by Kobold Workforce Studios. Ordo Et Chao: New World was first published on . Ordo Et Chao: New World is available on the following platforms: Steam.

"We were thousands to flee the Empire, running away from famine, war and poverty. We set course towards uncharted territories, our promised land, leaving behind a dying one. After many months of traveling, we settled down and began the construction of a new kingdom. However, we soon discovered that we were not alone in this New World..."

Inspired by famed series like "The Settlers", "Battle for Middle-Earth", "Anno" and "Age of Empires", Ordo Et Chao is a solo-player strategy game combining elements of real time strategy, resource management and city building. Build your settlement into a thriving city, exploit and transform essential resources, and rise from the Dark Ages into Renaissance.

Key features:

  • Rule over 1 of 2 completely different nations: Play as the Empire, a powerful civilization based on order, religion and science ; or as the fearsome Natives, a race of proud and strong warriors revering the traditions, rites and beliefs of Old.
  • Build your settlement from a small town into a thriving city: Carefully choose where to expand, take control of regions with town centers and build dozens of different buildings with each their unique roles in your settlement.
  • Exploit resources and manage supply chains: Profit from the abundance of the New World; place down exploitations to harvest resources and transform them into building materials, supplies for your people or weapons to equip your armies.
  • Keep your people happy: Supply your population with essential goods to increase your tax revenu, and construct cathedrals and places of learning to keep them happy and prosperous.
  • Improve your settlement: Upgrade your buildings to increase their efficiency, and research technologies and cultural perks to improve your economy and military.
  • Raise powerful armies: Train infantry, archers and cavalry to defend your cities, but make sure to keep them well paid and supplied. Build walls, towers and fortresses to protect your people from enemy attacks and use terrain at your advantage.
(Coming soon:)
  • Deal with rival factions: Carefully seize your opponents, and decide either to befriend them through diplomacy and trade, or intimidate them with brute force.
  • A rich and non-linear campaign story: Choose how you will lead your budding settlement into a thriving kingdom, and shape the futur of your nation.
  • Map editor: An easy to use map editor allowing to design your own levels and scenarios, and publishing them for other players.

Dev Roadmap:

  • Game improvements:
    • Performance optimisation
    • Player options
    • AI improvement
    • Small in-game implementations
  • Buildings, units and techs tier 2 and 3
  • Trading & diplomacy
  • Map editor
  • More!

Special thanks:

  • Original game soundtrack by the talented Jyc Row
  • Original 3D assets by Synty Studios

Ordo Et Chao: New World

4.2 / 5

Ordo Et Chao: New World Logo
Author: Kobold Workforce Studios

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