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Asian handicap soccer

asian handicap soccer

Mixed Asian Handicap Hhandicap Mixed Asian Handicap is the mix between the Asian Asizn Handicap and hanidcap Asian Half Handicap. Nandicap Asian Handicap The positive Asian handicap consists of wsop poker texas holdem goals to the team for which you bet. When the result is negative, its effects are that in case of victory by a margin higher than that indicated by the handicap, the bet is a winner. This creates a situation where each team has a chance of winning; similar to the odds for a basketball or football spread handicap typically offered by Las Vegas sportsbooks.

Asian handicap soccer -

Although the term originated in Asia, it is widely used in most markets nowadays. The handicap system was more popular in the Far East. There are pros to this system, but not all punters are aware of what the concept is about, and therefore, there may be confusion.

If you're interested in betting on soccer, you should be familiar with everything about the Asian Handicap method. There are multiple types of handicaps, but two of the most prevalent are half-point and full-point handicaps. For example, by backing a particular team at However, if the team wins by less than that margin, or a draw occurs, or the team loses, you will lose the bet.

Full-point handicaps are more versatile. For example, by backing a particular team at -1 goal, if they win at , the vet will be "void," and your stake will be returned. If the difference between scores is more than two points, you'll win automatically.

However, if a draw or a defeat occurs, you'll lose the bet. Quarter-point handicaps are more complicated than the previous options. You would look at the Over 2. Were three goals to be scored, you would win on both wagers.

However, should just two goals be scored, you would push on one and lose the other. Of course, if one or fewer goals were scored, both wagers would be graded a loss.

Luckily, Covers has a handy odds calculator that can help you convert these into other formats for you to utilize! These bets can result in wins, losses, pushes, half wins, and half losses. A typical soccer moneyline wager would feature a 1x2 style, with odds being given for a win for Team 1, a draw, and a win for Team 2.

Also known as a three-way line, this is standard for soccer matches, given the three different outcomes available in a regulation match. However, it can be more difficult to play due to the nature of the sport, and can often provide a lack of value if one team is heavily favored.

The Asian handicap provides a way around this. Not only does it provide the bettor a way to still play the favorite in a one-sided matchup, but it provides the book more opportunities to take wagers on the outcome of matches that feature prohibitive favorites.

The Gunners are favored in this match with a three-way moneyline for the visitors sitting, likely around odds or higher. For some, that is simply too much juice to wager on an outcome that could go in three different ways rather than two.

Instead, the bettor turns to the Asian handicap market. If they feel that Arsenal is going to win outright, then they would take the Gunners This means that when the final whistle blows if adding 0.

You will typically see this in matches where a draw is a more likely result, or it can simply be played by those who want to protect against specific outcomes. In this example, we again have a bettor who believes that Arsenal will win but, this time, wants to protect against the draw.

He can take Arsenal 0. Should Arsenal win outright, then both wagers would be judged as winners. Should Palace draw or even win, then both wagers would be graded as wins. There can be times when two teams are evenly matched where the line will be 0. There are multiple benefits to playing Asian handicaps and Asian totals.

The biggest is the mitigation of risk by playing lines that are heavily juiced. With soccer matches tending to be tight affairs with draws and wins by low margins, it can be risky to play the three-way lines.

It is also difficult to recommend wagering on heavy favorites, and betting on underdogs in that situation can often require finding decent odds on a double chance line. You can also often find better betting odds for match Totals using Asian totals, including World Cup odds and more.

If two high-scoring sides are facing each other in a match, or two low-scoring sides, the juice n a standard 2. The Asian total allows you to account for that and take less of a risk while still getting in on the action. For example, if you think Manchester City will win by multiple goals, rather than simply betting on them to beat an underdog and play them at moneyline, you can instead wager them as a Most books will allow you to parlay Asian handicaps and Asian totals with other bets for a parlay.

This can be a great way to get away from heavily-juiced money line bets, which add little value to a parlay, and instead, throw in an Arsenal Asian lines can also let you play lines that have a better chance of pushing than other straight bets, which would simply cancel that leg of your parlay rather than sinking the entire thing with a loss.

For example, playing over 2. Quite often, heavy favorites will rotate their lineups against smaller clubs, especially if they have a major upcoming match or have multiple matches in a short span. For example, if a team like Liverpool is facing a newly-relegated club, and have a Champions League match in the midweek, then their manager might be inclined to rest players.

This can provide you a terrific chance to cash in on what would typically be a fairly spot-on Asian handicap line. Always know the personnel and situation of the teams involved so you can find lines that might be in your favor. The halftime markets for Asian lines can present quite a bit of value if you have a good eye for how teams are playing.

This can lead to some terrific betting opportunities for Asian totals and Asian handicaps. Again, knowing your situation surrounding a match can help you cash in on these alternate markets. FanDuel , unfortunately, offers very few Asian handicap lines of any kind, while DraftKings offers quite a few.

In fact, DraftKings offers Asian lines up to specific times, which allows you to work the aforementioned halftime lines. Asian Handicap bookmakers compensate for this by offering a split handicap :. The split handicap gives various scenarios producing either a win, partial win, or refund which is why Asian Handicap betting produces less in the way of losing bets.

The best way to understand the split handicap is to imagine your stake is automatically divided equally and placed as two separate bets. Let's look at the possible outcomes;. Asian Handicap line 0. With a handicap of 0. Let's take a closer look at it with an example;.

Each bet is calculated in the same manner as a single-ball handicap. Sportbet Crypto betting site. Asian Handicap Betting. Visit Site. The handicap The Asian Handicap is the same as any handicap or point spread and is applied to level the chances of either team winning.

Asian Handicap soccer examples. Good Asian Handicap Bookmakers Betting sites that offer great Asian Handicap betting options and odds on the market today: 22bet 20bet MyBookie Sportbet Crypto betting site.

Betting the Total Goals OVER. Betting the Total Goals UNDER.

This handicqp done horse racing predictions awarding goals to yabby casino free spins weaker team before the start of the match, or by taking goals habdicap from the stronger team. Like aeian run asian handicap soccer in baseball or puck line in hockey, soccer handicapping offers ways to level the playing field when the two sides are far apart in talent. Find free soccer picksincluding free EPL picksall year long at WagerTalk. This means that if a customer wagers on Saudi Arabia and they win the match, or if they lose by less than 1. On the other hand, if a customer wagers on Argentina and they win by more than 1.


How to bet on football - Asian Handicap market Learn soxcer to bet soccer socxer and handdicap using Asian handicapping and get strategies for when to handiczp these bets. When it comes to betting on soccerthe juice on a typical ruleta pokerstar bet or a spread can be quite high due to the nature of the game. In addition, Asian handicap total bets also allow you to play fractional bets and split your wager in two, so that you may find value in the margins between the usual betting lines. This relates both to the spread of a match as well as the total goals scored. The Asian handicap number will split the difference between the two, using increments of. When you place an Asian handicap wager, you are essentially placing two separate bets. asian handicap soccer

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