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livee prenominal of, relating to, or abounding in life. American rock band. Kids Definition. September 14, Traditional Chinese images. See live and let live. live video.

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She went to live abroad after the break-up of her marriage. Do you know the people who live two doors down? I don't like the idea of living so far away from my family. It's very convenient that you live near the office. We live on a quiet road.

Living or sleeping somewhere. abide co-resident co-residential domiciled dwell inhospitable inhospitably live in live in sin idiom live out populate reoccupation repopulate repopulation reside residence settle slum tenancy warehousing See more results ».

You can also find related words, phrases, and synonyms in the topics: Existing and being. live rough. UK to live outside because you have no home and no money :. She'd run away from home and was living rough. She works as a mediator helping to prevent young people living rough on the streets. Compare sleep rough.

After a while you get used to living alone. When you retire , you want to live a comfortable life. live happily ever after So the couple got married and lived happily ever after. He likes to live dangerously. I quite like wine but I could live without it. You can't expect to live in a continual state of marital bliss.

We live in a toughly competitive world. She's miserable living on her own. C2 [ I ] to stay alive , especially by getting enough money to pay for food , a place to stay , clothing , etc.

live by For several years she lived by begging. live off She has an inheritance to live off US also live off of so she doesn't need to work. He only agreed to marry her so he could live off her money. They have to steal to live. He lives by catching fish.

They live off the proceeds from selling the palace. He lives off other people's kindness. They lived by gathering nuts and seeds. live on The memory of those terrible days lives on. bash on bubble away carry something on cease cont. echo immortality immortally in the making idiom insist on doing something isochronous prosecution protract protraction push ahead push on soldier span spin stretch See more results ».

live a little I want to live a little before I settle down. If you haven't seen Venice, you haven't lived. Exciting and interesting.

Idioms can't live without something. hit someone where they live. live on in the memory. live your own life. live a lie. live and breathe something.

live and let live. live by your wits. live in sin. live it up. live to fight another day. live to tell the tale. lived in. never live something down. within living memory.

you live and learn. live in. live on something. live out. live out something. live through something. live together. live up to something. live with someone. live with something. Millions of live animals are shipped around the world each year.

There was a tank of live lobsters in the restaurant. They transport live cattle across the country. The place was full of live rats. He said he'd seen a live dinosaur.

He uses live insects as bait. She carries a live snake round her neck. B1 of a performance broadcast , recorded , or seen while it is happening :. This evening there will be a live broadcast of the debate.

a live recording. I saw the Rolling Stones live. I wish I had seen Maria Callas live. The concert was broadcast live from New York.

The show was recorded in front of a live audience. The stunt was filmed live. Simultaneous and consecutive. You can also find related words, phrases, and synonyms in the topics: Broadcasting in general. of a wire carrying or charged with electricity :. a live wire. anodize anti-static arc bitstream brownout capacitance chargeable electricity high-voltage homing induction linesman magnet multimeter negatively non-electric non-electrical non-electronic solid-state transistorized See more results ».

able to explode :. live rounds of ammunition. live shells. Exploding and erupting. of a fire , coals , or a match still burning or able to burn :.

There are live coals in the fireplace. afire aflame alight blaze burn something down burn sb up burned out burnt out combustible consume flare frazzled incinerate inflammable on fire idiom post-burn reignite scald self-immolation unburnable See more results ». See also live ball.

broadcast as it happens ; performing or being performed in front of an audience :. perform live I've got two tickets to see them perform live. go live. If a new system , especially a computer system , goes live, it starts to operate :.

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LIVE Top Stories. Liverpool win Carabao Livve after close final against Chelsea oive follow live. Super Bowl LVIII: Latest updates. Six Nations Live updates of England vs Wales. Transfer Deadline Day latest: Two Chelsea players could leave. Watch Storm Isha live. tabgold tips love live of juwa online confused, not well organized, or giving importance to unexpected things. ,ive to word lie Add to word list. B1 [ I ] to continue to be alive or have life :. He only lived a few days after the accident. live to Her granny lived to the ripe old age of Can the right to live ever be denied to any human? live on She lived on well into her 90s. live

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